Golden Retriever   Wood Cut-Out

"The Benny"
"The Benny" shown on Wood Fence
"The Benny" shown standing in Yard
"The Benny" shown on Brick
"The Benny" wood cut-out is available for only $35.00
Below he is shown with different backgrounds and lighting.
"The Benny" is about 22 inches tall, 30 inches long, 1/4 inch thick.
"The Benny" is a wood cut-out only.
He is finished with a clear poymer coating on both sides, but the front side will look nicer.
You can order him facing either direction.
You may attach Benny to flat surfaces, using appropriate methods for the surface you choose, Nails, Screws, Velcro, Mounting Tape, 1/4 inch clear Mirror Holders ....   
"The Benny" is a wood cut-out only.
Both sides are finished, front side looks a little nicer.
You may choose to attach stakes to his legs and stick him in your yard.
"The Benny" is a wood cut-out only.
Brick Mounting Tape should be the best choice of attachment here.
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This page is under construction and was last updated on: October 21, 2014
The different lighting in each photo of "Benny" slightly changed the appearance of the color.
Please note, it is the same piece in each photo.

The color shades of each Benny produced will vary slightly,
due to the natural properties of the wood being used and the effect of the clear coating.
However, all of the color shades represent the beautiful shades of Golden Retrievers. 

Robert Stroup is now taking orders for "The Benny" 

"The Benny" Wood CutOut
Facing Right or Left ?
Clear Coating ? Yes or No

These Shipping Options are available in the Shopping Cart.
1 x Benny, Standard Domestic Shipping $12.00
2 x Benny, Standard Domestic Shipping $15.00
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​We are located in Clarksville, TN.
You may choose to pick up your "Benny" in Clarksville.
We do attend a verity of shows over the year, and could deliver your Benny to a show you and I are attending. 
Please check with us for those options.

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