Prima and her 9 Puppies
This page was last updated on: February 22, 2020
In 2002, after Prima's show courier,
and whelping 3 great litters,  Prima moved in with 
Robert and Karen who have given her the 
most wonderful home.
Sadly Prima pased away at nearly 12 years old.
We miss you, Prima....
On Tuesday July 31st Prima said good-by and we lost our sweet golden girl. She came to us five years ago from an angel in Clarksville named Heike Stroup. Prima filled a hole in that was in our hearts after suddenly losing Molly, our beloved 12 year old female. Prima became Floyd's constant companion (our now lonely again 13 year old male). 

Some of our favorite memories of Prima include her many special qualities which were: 
Paper napkins weren't safe from Prima's hunting skills. She would stalk us demonically at the dinner table or on the couch to steal a napkin and tear it to bits! 
Prima wasn't a back seat kind of girl. She knew that her proper place was in the front seat, preferably in the driver's lap, and did her best to get there when traveling! 
We thought it was a tennis ball that Prima was sneaking into the house until she started eating it. We learned then that Prima had a passion for tomatoes and loved stealing them right off the vine and devouring them asap, red or green! 
Prima was a determined landscaper and conducted numerous excavation projects in our backyard! 
Prima loved to run off lead through the fields when we took her for walks and loudly snorted with each step she took as she galloped along!  
Add ice cubes to her list of passions. She could be counted on to poke her head in the freezer to steal an ice cube! 
Look out Floyd! Prima loved stealing toys & treats from Floyd if he wasn't quick enough, and that was most of the time!  
It was easy to find Prima's bed. It was the one with all the toys. When Floyd wasn't looking, she'd sneak around to collect all the toys to hoard  on her bed! Actually, this was kind of a handy habit! 
Though Prima had been retired from the obedience ring for several years she still loved to strut her stuff, even if it was only in the backyard. She would still explode with joy when she was was rewarded with a "Good girl" for a job well done. 
Prima kept the yard safe from maurauding cows from the field behind the house. She faithfully patrolled the perimeter of the yard in case any of the cows made a break for it!

Prima was a very smart and determined dog. This worked to Heike's advantage when training and showing her. It worked to Prima's advantage if we tried to modify any of the behaviors. It's also difficult to be a convincing authority figure when saying, "Isn't that cute!" 

For some reason, over time we tend to give our dogs multiple names. They don't seem to mind as long as there is regular chow and love involved. 

Prima's identity progressed something like this:

Prima Lou
Prima Lou Lou
Snertly (for her snorting during walks)
Diggy Wiggy (for her landscaping skills)
Schmoogie (for general impishness)
Woogie (rhymes with schmoogie!)
Woogalicious (hip hop name)

She happily answered to any & all of these names.  

Prima was well loved for both of her lives and will be missed.

Robert M. Smith
8/11/1995 - 7/31/2007
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