Dreamcatcher Golden Retrievers
  Murfreesboro, (Nashville, TN. Area)
  Duane and Kim Boehm
  Contact Duane or Kim about future litters.

  Starfire Goldens
  Hendersonville, TN. (Nashville, TN Area)
  Maria Franklin
  Contact Maria about future litters.

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Heike Stroup
Passion For Gold
Clarksville, TN.

Golden Retriever Breeders of Tennessee 

This Web Page is design to help you locate 
Reputable Golden Retriever Breeders in Tennessee and its surrounding area.

Breeders on this list follow the guidelines of The Golden Retriever Club of America for responsible breeding practice.

The GRCA web site has all the information needed, for you to make the right choices in the process of finding
the perfect Golden Retriever Puppy for you.  
Please take the time and visit the GRCA and the individual breeders on this list.
  Passion For Gold Golden Retrievers
  Clarksville, (Nashville, TN. Area)

  *Litter Plans November 2021 * 

  Please visit www.PassionForGold.com for more info

 Contact Heike Stroup : GoldenR01@aol.com
  Cobblestone Golden Retrievers
  Eads, (Memphis, TN. Area) 
  Martin and Lynne Briggs: SitnBeg@aol.com
  Contact Lynne about future litters.

  Falkinburg Goldens
  Clarksville, (Nashville, TN. Area)
* Litters Due Fall/Winter 2021 *
  Lori Falkinburg
  Contact Lori for more information
  Carlin's Goldens
  Livingston, TN.  (Near Cookeville, Middle TN.)
  Contact Terri about Litter Plans
  Please visit www.CarlinsGoldens.com for more info
  Contact Terri Hoag about this litter
  cell: 727-422-4656 twhite5374@gmail.com
  Heartland Goldens
  Mount Juliet, (Nashville, TN. Area)
  * Litters Planed for 2022 *

  Nancy Johnson
  Contact Nancy about this, or future litters.