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Yet another Adventure happened for "Mister DJ" 

He became a Music Video Star ! .... well, OK he was a major participant though. 
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This page was last updated on: February 22, 2020

 Mister DJ :  " I made it !  
I stayed in my sit stay and resisted the temptation to walk along with Daniel and Mindy.  
I heard you call... here I COME !! "
Obedience Training People will get a laugh out of this set.
         Mister DJ : " Hmm, Mom put me in a sit stay position, gave me the command to stay and told Daniel to stand next to me, then she gave him a piece of steak to feed me... looks like a proofing trick already! 
Then she even tells him my command word for heel. 
Does she really think I am going to fall for that trick ??
I am much better than that, I can resist the temptation and hold that sit stay until she calls me ! "

( Mister DJ did not know this was not a trick and that I wanted him to actually brake the sit stay and walk with Daniel and Mindy down the Alley....  well trained and proofed got in the way today. )
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The Hotdog Eating Scene may have been Mister DJ's favorite scene !
If Mister DJ had known that they bought 4 huge hot dogs for him, (some for possible retakes) he  may have messed up on the first one... but he got that scene right on the first try... was there doubt ?

(Note how Mister DJ eats the inside of the hot dog first and leaves the bun for last ... go figure)

This was near the end of this long  hot day.  Seams like the hot dog was a good reward.
This was another easy set for Mister DJ.  Sitting and looking pretty... just his style :-)
A pretty photo of one of scenes in the Music Video of " Taking You With Me " 
I keep wondering which parts of all the hours of filming  will be in the few minute long music video. All I know is that Mister DJ should be in all the different scenes.... who knows though ?? 
I am glad I have some of these nice photos.
It was a fun day !
This also looks like an easy set
for Mister DJ. 
What you don't see is that
we are on one of the busiest, touristy intersections in Nashville ! !
Leash-less Mister DJ, with strangers Daniel and Mindy, 3 yards away from buzzing traffic on one of the busiest, touristy intersections in Nashville !! 
I am very close by though.
Does Mister DJ look worried ?  
No, but I was just a tad.... 
 Mister DJ :  " Does that man really think I will stop by a hand-signal like that, from a stranger, when my Mom just called my name... duhh !  "
During one of the brakes.  
Pretty day, pretty settings... pretty Mister DJ 
 ... pretty photos :-) 
 "Taking You With Me" is the Theme Song to the Comedy Movie " Our Idiot Brother " Staring Paul Rudd.

Below are some photos I captured during the filming of the video. 
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